Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Evening Gown pt. 1

Beginning work on the prototype gown today. My goal is to have the pieces all cut out by the end of Adam's first nap and then have the bodice together during his second one. We'll see!

I'm using McCall's pattern #2035, dress type C, just in case you were wondering.
Ironic story behind this pattern:

I bought it at a Salvation Army (where it is customary to shop when one works at a summer camp) in Asheville, NC in 2005 for fifty cents. I was working at Camp Crestridge that summer as a counselor, and Tom had asked me to come up to his school in Ohio for their NROTC Navy ball. Having said yes, I needed a gown. When I saw the pattern I loved the simplicity of dress C, so I snatched it up.

Tom sent me a postcard while on his first cruise that summer; on it was the Rock of Gibraltar, which they had passed. I think he even was conning when they sailed past it. He later told me Jason Mraz's "0% Interest" reminded him of me, I guess particularly the part about the Rock of Gibraltar. ANYWAY... my dad had a heart attack at the end of the summer and that coupled with my jitters of going on a "date" (even though he said it wasn't) with Tom drove me home for Thanksgiving instead of up to Ohio. Yes. I broke off our first date. I was 18. Gimme a break.

So the dress never was sewn and it took three more years for the stars to align and the gods to smile and Tom and me to realize we were meant to be together. However, I will say that in that period of three years I compared every guy who was a possible interest to Tom. Thinking, "Tom is better than this guy," saved me from going on dates I would have regretted with a couple regrettable guys (and a couple not too regrettable ones, but not right for me).

Funny how things work out in perfect time.


Stephen and Sarah said...

You should totally wear a hat to the wedding. Like this: http://www.etsy.com/listing/49271651/the-so-very-decadent-sea-pearl-ship-hat?ref=v1_other_1

Lizzie Brown said...

That's perfect! Except I was trying to keep my hat budget around $400. :/