Wednesday, May 19, 2010

When we found out we were being transferred to San Diego we decided to leave our dog, Spencer, with my parents. I didn't want to be trapped, when, seven months pregnant and moving across the country with a husband occupied with his Navy duties I had to go house shopping only to find that my perfect home was "No Pets Allowed". However, that is not the case! As you know we found a cute little 1950's casa and dogs are permitted. I felt stupid when I looked up the price to bring Spencer out here with us- $1200-1500?! No friggin' way. But I recently found a company who agreed to transport her for much less. Happy day!

I think good pets are important to have for babies and kids. For one, it teaches them about animals and how God created man to rule over animals and take care of them. I don't want Bugger to grow up and be that kid who is always afraid of dogs.

Secondly, it gives them a playmate. I remember my little brother used to follow around Mandy, our golden retriever from my childhood, holding onto her tail as he toddled and saying, "Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah" with staccato breaths. It was cute, trust me. His bed head rivaled Sonic the hedgehog.

And also, I think having a good dog helps you become a better person. Dogs are loyal, friendly, protective, and playful. They are "man's best friend." If you hang around a dog with those qualities long enough, maybe they will rub off on you.

Spencer is a great dog. I feel better when T is on deployment and she is here. She is a comfort and one of my oldest friends.

I am so excited that Bug will get to share in Spencer's wonderfulness!


erin said...

When's Spencer coming? I agree that pets are good for your kids. Noah seems scared now of dogs, whereas he used to scoot on his little belly right up to Maile.

Lizzie Brown said...

She'll be here in the second week of June!