Friday, May 14, 2010


These candles are amazing. Bugger got me Field of Dreams and Nature's Orchard for mother's day and they are tantalizing! They remind me of New Hampshire, in the summer time lounging in our *heated* pool, or in the autumn picking apples at Pat's Peak Orchard. So crisp and refreshing.
My first Mother's day was faaabulouus, thanks to certain sweet man. I woke up to a plate of eggs and bacon with a rose bud on the side. There were fresh flowers arranged (by him!) in the bathroom and they're still there, open and fluffy and just begging to have your nose stuck in them. T's yummy crispy salmon was for lunch and Panera's white cheddar mac n cheese for dinner (SO good). I got a box of See's chocolates with my new favorites, the strawberry truffle (white chocolate and strawberry) and the mint truffle (white chocolate and peppermint). Adam seemed to understand the purpose of the day and was even more good-natured than usual. Truly a day of rest with my wonderful family!

Now a question: At Bug's 4 month doctor's appointment, his doctor told us he could begin eating solids if we wanted, starting with rice cereal mixed with breast milk. I still can't even get him to drink out of a bottle consistently! When he does take the bottle (which we try to give him at least once a week just so he stays familiar with it) he never drinks a full meal and I end up having to finish him off. Does anybody else have a baby who just wants the juice straight from the boob? I know that several decades ago there was usually no other options, no pumps, and that women just altered their lives to be there when their babies were hungry. I know that he eats fewer meals the older he gets; his doctor recommended getting him down to 3 meals a day by 9 months (another thing I have no idea how to do), so should I even worry with the bottle? Just looking for some suggestions, maybe a tip or two.


An Army Family said...

I obviously didn't nurse, but my mom has told me multiple times that neither my sister nor I EVER took a bottle. We went right from nursing to a sippy cup. Drinking from a bottle is actually easier than nursing, so I doubt he'll have any issues with solids. It will start out messy - they have to learn how to use their tongue to push the thicker food to the back of their mouth. But you start with the cereal being super runny so that it's pretty darn close to what they usually drink, then thicken it up over the course of a few meals. If he doesn't get the hang of it, wait a few weeks then try again.

The cutting down to 3 meals will come with the solids. When you're feeding 3-4 jars of food a day, there shouldn't be quite as much room in his tummy for milk. WHen you start feeding, they advise doing the solids AFTER the milk - as he gets older, that will change and you'll do the solids first to help start weaning him.

Hope that helps!

BETHandCHRIS said...

To say Noah loves the boob would be an understatement... I think he tries to make up for lost time when he wouldn't nurse. We started him on solids at four months and he took to them like he had been doing it is whole life, all 120 days of it. The cereal was okay to him, but when we got to sweet potatoes and bananas he could hardly stand himself... but I do still nurse him before or after every "meal". I don't really know how it happens, but they just sort of wean themselves...due to their bellies being more full from the solids. I would maybe try cereal and then offer him the boob...some folks would say to do it the other way around, but I was always afraid he might "fill up" on milk and shy away from the food.
No matter what you try, it will be an adventure. We still are loving introducing him to new flavors and textures.
Try not to get frustrated, he will do it when he's ready. :) Have fun!!!

erin said...

Some babies don't. But that tommy tippy thing isn't working? My told my friend Kate about it and now her daughter is drinking out of a bottle.