Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mother's Day

Mother's Day gifts I love:

A picnic with the studly hubby. The Vespa would be awesome, too, but I doubt you could put a car seat on the back. Just him, me, preferably at Cabrillo National Park, and Strawberry wine incognito in a Nalgene, looking out over the Pacific. Sigh.
("Motovino" available at Threadless.com)

Every time we go to the zoo I have to restrain myself from propping Bug up for a caricature. For the past couple weeks they've only been $15! I'm his mom so I see him everyday, but I always wonder how other people view him.

Flowers in the bathroom always pick me up. Since bathroom time is just about the only time I get to myself, it makes me feel special to have a fresh bouquet by the sink. It's like a mini-vacation, but without the raspberry tini and only lasting a fraction of the time. Favorites: white iris, hydrangea, and tulips.

I have been eyeing Day Spa in the City ever since we moved here. Any sort of spa service from them would be a real treat; a facial, pedicure, massage, or, you know, all of the above. Oh, to be relaxed and beautified!

My favorite, a letter or card with some loving words of affirmation. Everybody needs a compliment, a reminder that they are appreciated, a written memento. Something like, "Thanks for lugging around our 20lb. 4 month old everywhere you go," "You wear spit up so graciously," or, "I love the way that the sink always has dishes in it." I can't wait to start a box of Bug's cards and drawings; I can already promise you he'll be one creative little guy.

I was going to mention a locket, because I've always liked them as long as they don't say "Mom" or have etched angels or some crap like that. Just something plain, maybe with a "B" in script in which I can store a tiny picture of my two favorite guys. However, finding a chain that Bug can't break might be a daunting task.
Last minute gifts? Breakfast in bed and/or a Yankee Candle. I haven't met a person alive who doesn't love Lemon Lavender or Clean Cotton.

Also, I don't think the holiday should be about "buying stuff", but rather an extension of how we treat our moms for the rest of the year. Any of these gifts would be well-received at anytime. I'm discovering that when you become a mom it really is the thought that counts, and if it's a surprise, well, that's even better (says the master secret-spoiler).

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