Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Itch

Yep, I'm getting it. The Itch.

Ordering that painting for Adam did me over. My fingers are twitching for some craft itching action.

Trying to decide on a picture was hard. I can think of soo many cute photos of our little guy, but having a portrait done is special. I could print and frame any picture, but I wanted something perfect for his painting. So I chose the one of him sleeping wrapped up in his daddy's baby quilt. It's so special and soft-looking and I could never do it justice if I tried to paint it myself.

Which leads me back to the itch: I think I'm going to paint some small canvases of Bug. Just little 10" x 10" squares. Tom really loves the picture of him after his first bath when he's all snuggled up in his hooded lizard towel, so I'll do that one first (maybe for a Father's Day gift, perhaps?). Then I'm going to try the one of Bugger smiling. "Try" is the operative words because I've never been good with eyes. So I'll trace most of it, just to help my odds. Nobody has to know, right?

Also, we sold our dining set today and I am so happy! It was great, but we snagged a used one off of Craigslist and I love it. It's a big sturdy wooden table with two benches and some chairs. I have SO many paint ideas... I will let you know what happens as it progresses!

Lastly, Happy 23rd Birthday to me! I'm excited about our trip to visit my family in Florida; Tom gives such excellent birthday presents. He also cheated and got me a second gift: a pink heart locket from Brighton (unbeknownst to him I had been eyeing it for while, we're SO on the same page). Right now I am trying to find a tiny little picture of our baby boy to go beside the photo of us on our wedding day.

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