Sunday, May 23, 2010

Creative Quagmire

You may have seen on facebook that we are thinking about commissioning a painting of Bugger based on a picture. Tom and I have the most wonderful oil on canvas from one of my childhood friends that she had made for us during her semester abroad in China of one of our engagement photos. I would really love to have an oil painting of Bug as a baby to remember this ridiculously adorable point in his life to hang beside it.

Only problem is, we can't decide which picture to send in. So I'm looking for outside eyes to help us out. Which one do you like? (Or, is there another photo you've seen that you like more?)


Sae said...

This is actually a really hard choice. On one hand, the sleeping picture is perfectly adorable, but on the other hand the smiling pic is even more perfectly adorable. The sleeping pic is more "baby" though, to me, and less "Adam." On those grounds I would pic the one of him smiling, because it shows more of his personality (to someone who has never met him.) I need to look through your pics again!

erin said...

I agree. The one of him sleeping is perfect for a painting, but then the one of him smiling shows who he is with his little smile. So you've definitely got a tough choice ... I can't even decide, I keep going back and forth.