Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Deal of the Week

When we found out we were having Bugger last Mother's Day the first thing that popped into my mind was, "This actually works?!" And as I browsed online for the registry (T was deployed) I decided I didn't want a matchy-matchy nursery. I didn't want a buttload of light blue or pink because although love covers a multitude of sins, pastels is not one of them. Pastels destroy the spirit. So I found a stipey sheet and comforter pair akin to Zebra Stripe Gum from Ikea for $15 and called it a day. $100 for baby sheets he will crap all over? No thank you.

Last week I went thrift store shopping with my good friend, Erin, from Tiny Twist and scored this spaceship crib set for $8!

The colors work really well in his uncoordinated and non-themed nursery. Seriously though, I remember when my brother went through a "space" phase and I'm pretty sure it's part of male hardwiring. We're just starting Bug out early because I found a good deal.


An Army Family said...

Target has a super similar pattern if you need like extra smaller blankets or anything:


Almost all of it is available in stores.

erin said...

Oh, it looks absolutely adorable in his room! So glad we got together, lets do it again.

PS. I agree with the matchy-matchy. :-)