Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Is your refrigerator running?

Threadless Baby

Today Bug and I went to downtown San Diego with his soon-t0-be Aunt. We walked around the mall (which is a labyrinth when you have a stroller, with five levels, hidden ramps, and impossible to find elevators) and I got him a couple of Super Awesome onesies. A yellow one that says "High-5", because really, who doesn't love high-fiving a baby? And another that is Sailor Jerry-esque with an Eagle and reads "Born to Rock", which is true on so many levels.

Then we headed over to Heavenly Cupcake and bought the studly hubby a little treat. Mmm... vanilla caramel goodness.

Speaking of sweet things, I will tell you a secret of mommyhood. Baby necks ooze sugar. The crook in Bug's neck is sweeter than any cupcake. Right where the crease is. It's like I can smell the soft baby goodness right now. Sneak attack!

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