Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It's the Grand Chawhee's Birthday!

Well, not really, but he did turn one month old this weekend! It's hard for me to believe this guy:
is the same as this guy:
When he was born Bug weight 8 lbs. 9 oz., and now he is 14 pounds even. We are scrapin' by in these 1-2 size diapers! He has also grown from 20.5" to 23.5". People told me, "enjoy it while he's small and can't move around," and I think that stage lasted for about a week. Heck, by week two he was rolling over tummy to back. Now he will look you straight in the face when you talk to him, listen, and then open his mouth and "talk" back, like I can understand him. I don't know about this kid.

I hear about how boys are so "adventurous", constantly moving around. How when they get older you will wonder how they are still alive with all the crazy crap they've lived through and I think, " Bug has already lived through some pretty crazy crap of his own!" There were two car crashes I was in while pregnant (one which totaled my car), x-rays, a cat scan, one seriously wasted night before I knew he was in there, traveling to NH, FL, CA, NC, and VA during the swine flu hullabaloo (I refused the vaccine), and a very rude and very wrong doctor and geneticist who told me he might have down syndrome and would I like to "end the pregnancy?" Pfft... no! And through all that- he thrived!

Gee whizzers.

He is just so chock full of personality I could spit. And to top it all off, and I know everybody says this about their baby, but he is just. the. cutest. little bug I have ever seen. Seriously. Yes. I am still referring to him as a parasite, because he is.

What will he be like next month?


erin w. said...

i can't believe how big he has gotten already. good gracious. sounds like he's got quite the personality!

michlez said...

I can't believe how much he's grown...and that he's been here for a month. cripes.