Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Baby Products We Love

1. Tommee Tippee Close to Nature bottles
I didn't think I would pump. I thought, "When am I going to be away from him for that long?" Silly me. Granted, I didn't even attempt it until recently, but boy howdy, it sure is nice not to have my bosoms hanging out every time Bug demands the obscene amount of milk he drinks.

The first time we tried to bottle feed him, he considered it for about an ounce and then was adamantly opposed to the bottle. I realized that the nipple on the Medela bottle that came with my pump (I use a manual pump. The Medela Harmony is comfortable and efficient. I recommend it if you're only going to use it a handful of times a week.) was slender, tall and basically not like a real nipple at all. There was nothing for onto which he could latch his big ol' maw.

I saw Tommee Tippee in a parenting magazine at my 6 week checkup and noticed how wide the base of the nipple was- just like a real boob! So we tried it. After a little trepidation, he took to it and sucked down most of the bottle, putting him into a milk coma. That's what I call a good product.

2. "Whoever Shall Have Some Good Peanuts" by Sam Hinton
You wouldn't expect a marine biologist from SoCal to also be an accomplished folk singer. Meet Sam Hinton. This guy is crazy and I love his albums for children, especially this one. It features songs like "The Crawdad Song" and "The Green Grass Growing All Around" which (WARNING!) get stuck in my head all the time, but I don't mind. My personal favorite is the title song and Bug loves "The Barnyard Song". The sing-songy nature of this music really appeals to him. After Sir playing the guitar, I would say this is his favorite thing to listen to. Third best would be Dragonforce. Don't ask me why. Check it out on iTunes.

3. Sassy Look Book
While Sir was gone for the first five weeks of Bug's life, he loved looking at pictures of his daddy. We first noticed his fascination when I caught him staring at the wedding pictures of us hanging over the couch while I was burping him one day.

In Babies R Us, I found this little squishy photo album, perfect for little hands to grasp and fine for a little mouth to chew on. I printed out black and whites of Sir and a couple of us both. During tummy time, he prefers this little album over the floor mirror. I would recommend this especially for military babies who can't be with their dads all the time. (Along these lines I would also suggest Skyping between baby and daddy, if you are able.)

4. Wimmer Ferguson Stim-Mobile
Have you ever noticed how most mobiles aren't made to be seen from below? What's up with that?

My mom found this one. It has interchangeable circles or squares that are double-sided with pictures so you can rotate what your baby sees. High-contrast colors catch babies' attention.

Bug lays quietly in his crib staring up at this mobile after he wakes up from naps. It keeps him entertained, without being overly-stimulating like some of the new light and sound crib fixtures can be. Way to go Bubbie!

5. Boppy
I didn't think I would end up subscribing to popular baby products. Sometimes something is popular for a good reason and this is the case with the Boppy. A thoughtful gift from some OCF friends in Norfolk, our Boppy makes nursing and snuggling so much more comfortable (very perfect for new uncles who are nervous about holding a new nephew, as it positions their arms naturally to support his head). Also handy for laying Bug in when we're hanging out on our Big Red Couch. He props his chubby arms on the sides like a middle-aged man in a recliner. Comfy for him and comfy for me? Yes please.

Have baby products you love? Do share!

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