Friday, January 15, 2010

Welcome to Our World

Eleven days ago you were born. You were pink as a piglet, clean as a whistle, and your Dad and I instantly fell deeply in love with you.

After contracting regularly since 1400 the day before, and rather painfully since 0100 the morning of, you decided enough was enough and made your entrance at 1601 PM on January 7, 2010. I was so relieved, when, after visiting Labor and Delivery twice before since 0200, I was finally admitted (when the nurse told me I was 6-7 cm dilated, my Mom and I cried with relief) and just a couple (wonderful) hours later (thanks to a God-sent anesthesiologist) there you were. Eight pounds, nine ounces, and 20.5" of pure love.

Your Bubbie and Aunt Kate (Uncle Greg was in the waiting room) were there to help and everybody was crying over how beautiful you were. Silly, obvious things poured out of my mouth, like, "I just had a baby!"

When I first saw you I thought you looked just like your Dad and I was blissfully happy to have a piece of him with me. And when he arrived a few hours later fresh off the plane from Rhode Island, our family was complete. Watching him hold you in his arms I felt proud. Proud to be his wife. Proud to be your mom.

We love you, Bug.


erin w. said...

awe, this made me cry! can't wait to meet little adam. :-)

michlez said...

"Silly, obvious things poured out of my mouth, like, "I just had a baby!"

Hilarious. I love it. Congratulations to you and Tom, what a wonderful, happy start to the new year. Are you going to write a post entitled: What you don't hear about labor and delivery?

Lizzie Brown said...

ooo, good idea.