Saturday, December 5, 2009

Bug's finished room

Here are the pictures of the finished room. Come on out and play, little dude!

We pretty much have everything ready, except for bottles, some kind of pump, and we could probably always use more onesies and socks.

I'm lost when it comes to bottles. I went to Babies R Us with Katie last week to pick out a stroller (which I LOVE; it's the Bertini B5) and, as you may suspect, we ended up looking around for quite a while. The wall of bottles was fascinating and overpowering. Why are there so many different kinds? If they're all supposed to be the best, which one really is, and does that even matter? Isn't it just a bottle, a vessel for nourishment when Mom's not around? And breast pumps are even more confusing. I've decided to avoid that purchase until it becomes necessary. Smart? Maybe not. Easy? Very.


erin w. said...

looks great! I love your new side picture. Did you all buy a house? Can't wait to meet little Adam!! My guess is January 7th. A day early ;-)

Becka said...

Hi Liz! Loving reading your blog... Maybe our "cousin babies" will be twins! Anyway, you might want to think about renting a breast pump rather than buying if you can. The hospital here had a place your could rent which I did with Ally and it was hard core. like a humming machine and I pumped in her room so she got used to the noise and now sleeps like a rock - even through vacuuming! I think like $40/month, but def worth it considering the made in china plastic you have to deal with if you buy a low end pump or paying $300 anyway. Just a thought! Thinking of you out there!!! Praying Adam comes before Tom goes!