Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hello West Coast

I flew into San Diego airport on Friday. It's hard to believe I'm staying here for an indefinite amount of time. T gets here tomorrow. We have found a possible house, more details on that as I find them out. With any luck we'll be able to move right in as soon as the movers bring our stuff.

As far as little Bug goes, things are kind of up in the air right now until I switch to Tricare West, register at the hospital, and actually see a doctor. Hopefully most of this will be taken care of this coming week.

Lots of stuff in the works. Stay tuned!


erin w. said...

Hope you are loving it out there. Where's your house??

Lizzie Brown said...

It's in La Mesa. Tom gets in tonight, so we're going to take another look at it tomorrow and if he likes it we'll start finalizing things!