Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dear Threadless,

It would be really lovely if you offered your shirts in maternity sizes. I wouldn't have had to begrudgingly buy my tops from Motherhood Maternity (yuck). I would MUCH rather have dropped $20 a shirt for one of yours than one of their mumu-esque creations. Please, please save fun, witty, pregnant girls like me from having to give pathetic and cheap maternity stores my business.

Honest to unicorns pooping sugar treats, I wore Marshmallow Factory until my fifth month and I was afraid the stretching would ruin it for post-baby wear. My In a Comic Book has a whole right on the belly from all the love I've given it. My husband gets to wear his In Case of Zombies (he has two; yes, of the same shirt) while mine sits in the bottom of a drawer, untouched for the past two months. So, if you could, make me a Mister Mitten's Big Adventure in a swell-bellied medium, please.

Thank you; that is all.
Liz Brown

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An Army Family said...

Haha. I mean sweet little babies are fun, but this age is great. As long as you like yourself a little, because toddlers are sponges, they're little mini me's.