Sunday, October 4, 2009

Bug's Guardian

To the untrained eye, it may appear as though Skip is using my swollen belly as an armrest. In reality he is a faithful sentry, a poised gargoyle, a fawn knight. He seems to have taken Bug as his charge: following me into every room, sitting with his ear to my belly after he gives it a lengthy sniff, just making sure Bug is okay. He looks cute but he is completely serious. He even playfully growled at Dad, his pre-Bug buddy, when Dad tried to grab my arm. Skip's growl brought Spencer over and eventually Roxy joined in and all the dogs were spudded up, barking and growling first at Dad, then at each other. Then Bug began flailing around with all the noise. Everybody settled down eventually.

I can't wait to visit "Bubbie and Opa" in Florida with him after he's born. When he gets messy I'll just put him on the floor and let Skip, his old friend, clean him up.

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