Sunday, September 27, 2009

One Month Later...

So, by "vacation" I meant "longest multi-trip excursion ever". And it's still not over. From visiting my parents in Florida I went to San Diego, CA to stay with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law and scope out housing, unsuccessfully. Then I flew back to Virginia Beach for an OB/GYN appointment and some surgery on my back. My Mom flew up to Virginia and we then drove to New Hampshire to visit T's parents, plus youngest brother and sister, and enjoyed the crisp and lovely beginnings of autumn. Now I am back in Florida with my family, waiting until the Navy sends my husband back. "They" keep switching the dates for his homecoming/PCS to San Diego. As of right now I will be courting 8 months of pregnancy whilst welcoming T home from deployment, moving across the country, finding a home, and moving in. And people say being a Navy wife is hard- pfft. Bring it on.

Bug seems to be doing very well, despite my current bout of the cold.

Unfortunately, my brain is unable to conjure a witty story for your amusement, so you'll just have to check out my pictures on facebook and be content.

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An Army Family said...

Surgery?! Hope everything went smoothly and you're feeling better, and get over your cold soon!