Monday, August 10, 2009

Halfway to the Beginning!

Browsing on Cake Wrecks, I found this gem and immediately knew that if anyone throws me a baby shower, this must be the cake (just throwing that out there).

The most awesome cake to welcome the most awesome baby. There is no one I would be more honored to cradle my newborn than Darth Vader. No one.

I would just go out and have it made for myself but sugar isn't exactly something I've been craving. If only it could be made out of pizza or Sour Patch Kids. Then the universe would be whole.

This Friday I have the "big ultrasound" when we find out whether Brownie Bug is a he or a she! I love to hear people's reasons for why it might be one or the other. Here's some info that might help you make your guess (be sure to let me know which you think!):
  • carrying low and out front
  • crave salty and sour foods
  • never had morning sickness
  • a needle held over my belly didn't spin or sway, it stayed still
  • My side of the family has mostly girls, but it's pretty close to being even. Tom's side is also pretty even, but leans more to boys.
  • the last heartbeat was recorded at 147 bpm
We have what seem to be The Names picked out and I have made a pretty good list of what I'm thinking for the nursery on Amazon (you can add anything from any website to your registry/list with Amazon, unlike just creating one with Target or BabiesRUs). I call it "preparedness" but I'm really just impatient. I can't wait to see his or her face on Friday and how much they've changed since eight weeks ago. Time is flying by and so much has to happen before this baby joins us, including a big move to San Diego (when? we still don't know, but are hoping for October).

Yesterday was a milestone: T felt Brownie kick and move for the first time. I was relieved he was able to feel it and see I haven't been lying for the past few weeks before leaving with his ship on deployment this week.



An Army Family said...

Congratulations - both on making it thus far and on Tom feeling the baby's sweet kicks!

Sae said...

Lots of people say carrying out front means a boy. I've seen that be pretty accurate.