Monday, June 22, 2009

One down!

Today is our very first anniversary. Exactly one year ago at this very moment we promised to love only each other for better or worse, in good times and bad for the rest of our lives. Now we're more in love than ever, eagerly expecting little Brownie. The past year hasn't always been easy or fun, but I will always love our life because we share it together.

For the occasion, T bought me a Volvo V50 and a fabulous new dress. Since my camera charge cord is currently MIA, stock photos will have to suffice.

My fierce mom-mobile. Name suggestions?

T's wardroom has a dining out on Thursday. I'm fully determined to be the finest pregnant woman there. And speaking of baby Brownie (first ultrasound on the 29th!), T received his first Father's Day gift yesterday!

The glorious Wii Fit (insert angelic choir here).

NOT because I was trying to "say something". He mentioned that he wanted it before he left on his last underway. And I love it. Mostly because when I roll out of bed at 10AM I don't even have to put on pants to do Hula Hooping with Dwight Schrute and Adolf Hitler (Miis we have on our Wii- Adolf was created as part of a Mii contest, not because we are neo-nazis, however less sensitive my wonderful husband is to the plight of my people), and I don't have to look semi-decent for yoga with my nameless instructor, AND I don't have to brush my teeth to race headfirst down the slopes on a ski jump.

An eventful weekend. Now I want some apple juice.


Deana K said...

Sweet mom-mobile! Are you thinking it's a male or female? That greatly influences my name suggestion...

How many weeks will you be at your ultrasound on the 29th? We have one that day, too (I'll be 17 weeks). We'll find out if we're having a boy or a girl that day!! Have you decided if y'all will find out what you're having?

erin w. said...

Love it! Super sweet mom mobile, Tom sure knows how to treat a lady. Can't wait to hear what you're having, although I have my feeling.

Lizzie Brown said...

I have my feeling, too.