Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mother's Day Preview

Here is a sneak peak of the Mother's Day presents I've concocted this week. The pink one is the buttercup basic pattern that I've shown you before. The blue was an experiment that turned out very well.

I started with the same base to the bag, but skipped the straps and added a flap to make it a clutch. I can't help myself; I love it! My next project is one for myself. For San Diego nights on the town.

Inside views. I love the polka dots. And I'm pretty picky about my polka dots.


Sae said...

Oh man, that clutch is adorable! I love the blues and the perfect matching gold polka dots. You are the coolest purse creator I know!

erin w. said...

I love all the purses you've made! The are so cute, you are so talented!

thelinklink said...

Hey, i love your puses...they are great! I'm so proud of you for how you have used your time in Va. You have stayed VERY busy! I love you and I am so proud of you.