Sunday, May 31, 2009

All the News that's Fit to Print:

I don't really know how to say this, so I thought I'd put the pictures first. Get it yet?

Let me help. 


I found out on Mother's Day, which was weird. My first appointment on my birthday was basically a run down, complete with an awesome pregnancy video from what I can only guess is from the early 90's, based on the hairstyles. Our next appointment is on our anniversary (aww), and we'll get to hear the heartbeat and see our little Brownie for the first time. This kid is making sure we don't forget about him.

T's mom gave us the tiny Navy sweatshirt and little Navy booties. I bought The Velveteen Rabbit (or, How Toys Become Real). It was my favorite book growing up. I even had a white stuffed bunny that I always slept with. See:

One morning I woke up and Bunny was gone. We looked everywhere for him, even in between the mattresses, but he was no where to be found. My mom told me I had loved him so much he became a real rabbit and lived in the woods around our house. That was good enough for me. When I see the little rabbits in our yard now I think one of them must be Bunny, who has come to live near me once again. It's a nice thought, anyway. But that's my history with The Velveteen Rabbit. And that's the news!


An Army Family said...

Congratulations again!

An Army Family said...

He leaves in less than 48 hours. :( Unfortunately the nature of emergency leave is that travel time is INCLUDED in the leave time, so he actually only had like 10 days at home, several more days (because of the time difference) were spent on a plane. Yuck! But we're trying to make the most of it now that I'm pretty much healed, and trying to act "normal" so that his leaving won't be totally hard. We're getting ready to go to Home Depot, that's as normal as it gets, right? :)

erin w. said...

I love the bunny story! I can't wait to hear more about little brownie!

michlez said...

Aww, you and Tom are going to be 'Mom&Dad' to someone :) Congratulations!

stella g. said...

wow! congratulations! you guys are going to be such great parents. :)