Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tuesday Afternoon

The firing bay was ridiculously cold and way louder than I anticipated. This was different than killing small woodland creatures off my porch in NH with a BB gun, and I'd been wanting to go for a while. The force of the rifle made me take a couple steps back, and the general heaviness of it makes me prefer the pistol. I was also a lot more accurate with the pistol. There are four paper target men who, if they didn't die with the first shots, were very uncomfortable while I unloaded four magazines into their thoracic and cranial cavities. The rifle does look way more hardcore, though, so naturally I posted that video.

I also saw a guy get pepper "sprayed" (they sprayed it on a cloth and wiped it on his face). He went all Hulk and started yelling and beat down the Red Man. Two other sailors had to pull him off. Tom is going back tomorrow when some more kids get pepper sprayed for reals. I'll put that video up here.

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