Saturday, March 14, 2009

Today I was slightly disturbed by a bride who came in the shop for a wedding consultation. After her meeting with our Wedding Designer she was in front of my counter, talking with two women I assume are a part of her family or bridal party. Did I mention that they are all clearly above the age of 30? Not that that is bad, but just a note to let you know they aren't exactly the youngest and spry-est chicas around. The bride is talking about the bridesmaid dress they brought in to match flower colors with, one of the other women makes a comment that it is "nice", and the bride says, "Yes, it's a size eight. This is _____'s dress, and _____ is also a big girl. She's an eight, too." I wanted to scream. Now, unless these girls are under four feet tall, there is nothing wrong with being a size eight. In fact, I have provided a picture as evidence.

Guess which one is the size eight:

Of course, you are clever, and, realizing my intention, know that the girl on the far left is the eight. Middle girl is a twelve, and the girl on the far right is a 14. In a magazine study, men preferred the sized 12 and 14 women 80% more over the size eight. Also, girls surveyed in a 9th grade class with this same photo reported 100% that they would like to look like the 12 or 14 (90% said the 12), BUT when asked what size they would like be, 77% said size ten or lower, 35% said size eight or lower.

So I was a little miffed. That's my story for today.


I saw this site on How About Orange and have to share it. It's called What a Lovely Name, and is by far the coolest baby namer on the web. I'm not the only one who likes to look up baby names just for the heck of it, right... Sae?


Sae said...

Right! That is such a neat little site. :] I'm going to bookmark it and be on it during procrastination times between papers and studying! Haha.

Also, where did you get that picture?! If that skinny girl is a size 8, what kind of skeleton is a 4? Oh, I guess height comes into play here. If I was tall I guess I could be skinny and still be an eight. I want to see one of 5'5" models. Haha. :]

Lizzie Brown said...

I googled size 8 women. Where'd you get the player on your blog?

Sae said... :]