Sunday, March 22, 2009

Floral Competition Pieces

I thought I'd do a quick post and share my Bridal Competition pieces witchu guys. The contest was to create two accessories for a 5-7 year old flowergirl (of course, age appropriateness comes into play). 

Hur dey is:

I called my dad before the competition. "You know what second place means?"
Anticipating his joke, I replied, "First loser?"
"Yeah, you're first loser," and he laughed at his own joke even though I stole the punch line.
After the competition I called him back and told him I got second place.
"It's okay, you're first place to me!"

Thanks, Dad, for not calling me first loser.

Next up: How to create the ribbon roses I made in my arrangements. Stay tuned for the insanity!


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Congratulations, Liz. :]