Monday, March 16, 2009

Cocktail Table

In order:

The table the way I bought it, minus the legs, which I also bought. They were attached at the time, but in order to fit it in our car I had to take them off, which is fine because I had to do that to paint it anyway. So there's the "before"- sort of.
Supplies. Three cans Rust-O-Leum in semi-gloss black for wood. A package of steel wool. New knobs for the drawers.
In progress. Each piece was sprayed at least three times, in perpendicular directions to ensure full coverage.
Voila! Very classy, very sassy. Niiiice...
Spencer gave her stamp of approval when she drooled on it after drinking out of her water bowl.

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erin w. said...

Love it, very creative! Where'd you get the table?