Sunday, December 21, 2008

New York Style Funky Apron, no- YES!

You wanna draw the eye away from all this, yes! You know what you need? Some fun, funky, fresh New York accessories, yes- No! Because this is one funky New York apron. If you wore this on a fun, funky NY street someone would come up to you and ask you which subway train to get on for the Empire State building because they are going to think you are a funky native New Yorker. Yes! NO!

All that aside, another Christmas project bites the dust (in a completed kind of way). I'm apron-ed out.

PS- find the link in this post and you'll get a sweet vid link

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Sae said...

Aprons are awesome. I got one for Christmas. I am excited about wearing it. I'm so glad that you update your blog and stuff. I love seeing what you're making, or what funny thing you have to say. It's great. :]