Thursday, December 11, 2008

I intended to make one of the many Christmas projects I still have in queue, but the day turned out shorter than hoped for. When Tom called at 6:30 saying he was finally getting off work (no thanks to his cotton-headed ninny-muggins boss), I could tell he didn't want to go to my company's Christmas party. And although free food normally gets me every time, and the venue's reputation as a "cougar den" peaked my interest, I was bushwacked, too. So we both went home and had grilled chicken instead of hor d'oeurves and I baked some cookies for a cookie swap I'm going to tonight.

It's a recipe I've posted before, but I used chocolate pudding mix and white chocolate chips. It's almost too rich, I only ate one. So I've either found a really great way to not eat a bunch of a cookies, or the downfall of chocolate lovers everywhere.


Lizzie Brown said...

OK, so I just realized I've never posted this recipe. Shame on me. It's your basic chocolate chip cookie recipe, but add 1 package of instant pudding. It keeps them chewy forever, plus, you can change the flavor of the cookie depending on the flavor of the pudding. Smancy, eh?

Jason said...

There is no downfall to a true chocoloholic( I don't think I spelled that right) Hope things are going well.

Jason said...

I found it on sarah mcdill's blog. things are going great here. so did i read correctly that you are in virginia beach?