Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Cards and Garden of Lights

So, after careful consideration and way more vote-age than I was expecting, I decided to take a suggestion and use multiple photos. Above is the finished result. I think they turned out super cute. Thanks for your help, guys!

Also, Tom and I went to check out the Garden of Lights at the Nofolk Botanical Gardens. I got a free pass through my work, so we figured, "Why not?" Secretly, I was really pumped.
Overall impression: decent. There were a buttload of lights, although half of them were those standup, pre-lit figures, which, to me, totally took away from the potential coolness. That last sentence had a lot of commas. Anyway, I think the people who would most enjoy this would be those with kids aged 3-10 (because they just keep growing up younger and younger these days, dern kids...) or those grown women who have an affinity for Winnie the Pooh, horse figurines, or who make their own dickies. It was shorter than I expected, but for $10 per car, it's not a bad price if you pack 'em in. For us the highlight was this photo, which is obviously genius on my part. It reminds me of that Bud Light commercial that first aired last Superbowl.

"Bud Light is brewed to give you everything you want in a beer: neverending refreshment, superior drinkability, and now, the ability to breath fire."
*Cue sulty saxophone*


stella g. said...

that bud lite picture is absolutely brilliant. well worth the price of admission, even if you did pay the $10. :)

erin w. said...

love the pic of Tom. You could totally frame it, it'd be a great conversation piece! What is it really, angel wings or something like that?

Lizzie Brown said...

It was a sea serpent breathing flames.