Monday, November 24, 2008

T's New ManRoom Desk!

Ok, so this desk is in three pieces. 1) file cabinet 2) bookcase of the same height as the file cabinet, and 3) hollow core door. Total cost for a cool (and easily moved!) desk, $75. Not bad considering one with the same storage spaces would cost over $200.

I cleaned all the grime off the wooden bookcase and door and painted them. For the file cabinet I should have used a metal-bonding spray paint, but I had a brain fart and used the same paint that I put on the other pieces. I'll fix it later. Then I just went out and bought some desk organizer things, moved his TV up from the garage, sewed a quick laptop place mat, and voila, manroom desk!

I don't scrapbook, so I took some more personally significant papers and framed them: his cover shot on Navy Times, the letter he got from the CNO when he became a SWO, and his Shellback cards.

All in all, it turned out pretty well!


stella g. said...

looks great! did you paint everything to make it match? i love the color.

An Army Family said...

I still love just looking at it. :) Come make me a desk!!

Sae said...

OOoh, Liz, you did such a nice job! Way to go!

PS: I still <3 my pillow.

An Army Family said...

Soooooo ... how did he like it?

Lizzie Brown said...

Oh yeah. He loves it.