Monday, November 17, 2008


As promised, the Stump Lounger:

Made with corduroy and love. I stuffed it pretty densely, to it's extremely comfortable to lean on. It didn't turn out exactly like I hoped, but without a template or pattern, not too shabby. I think I may add a few green leaves on the end of the sprout there.

This little number is made with denim scraps from Spencer's bed and the little girls' apron I made a while ago. I love this brown and rose print. I'm so sad I don't have any left, but I find solace in the thought that it looks much better as a pillow than it does as another piece of scrap fabric in my basket. 
And lastly, a cute neckroll pillow with a little bit of glam. I told you I'd do red sparkly. I told you so.

What I love most about all this stuff is that it's all 100% cotton (save the rick-rack, I'm pretty sure natural fibers cannot glitter like that) and completely machine washable. All I have to do is toss the whole kaboodle into the washer on cold. This also just goes to show you what a variety you can get with just cotton: corduroy, denim, pima, seersucker, poplin, flannel, gauze, twill... the possibilities are endless for any occasion. Thank you for Cotton, God.

And an apron to finish it off (just because I'm so proud of my box pleats).

Lemon Birdies! Now I can get down and dirty next Thursday wrasslin' turkey.

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stella g. said...

you are a sewing machine these days! i'm glad for the pics of the stumps because i was baffled. the pillows are of course cute. always. and my heart swoons over box pleats. well done! i love the fabric and colors you chose for it, too. :)