Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Holiday To-Make List

It's almost Thanksgiving and all yous guys know what that means:


My favorite time of year. Without question. Also the busiest time of year. Without question. How to make it the funnest time of year, without question:

  • groovy awesome floor pillows for Thanksgiving company (in shapes like a tree stump, donut, etc.)
  • Thanksgiving tablecloth
  • Christmas tablecloth (maybe I'll pick a Holiday-neutral fabric and use the same one for both)
  • stockings
  • tree skirt
  • Christmas gifts for Dad, Mom, Jess, Shelby, and Tom's sibs Charlotte and Andy
  • ornaments
  • bow tree topper (because Christmas trees really have nothing to do with Stars, Angels or Saint Nick)
I haven't really decided on a color scheme yet, but I'm leaning toward jewel tones with a unifying gold accent.

Maybe I'll even sneak in a new dress for the season.

I'll post entries with pictures for each Handmade Holiday Goodie, so don't forget to check back!

1 comment:

stella g. said...

i will definitely be checking back! i love crafts, and i love the holidays. and they both work together so well.... happy crafting!