Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hey Guys!

I realized I never really explained my blog. Not that it's so sophisticated that it needs explanation, but... well, maybe I just want to feel fancy, Okay?

Really all there is to explain is my side column. "Never Blog Without A Buddy" is a list of people who are actually my friends in real life. At least I count them as friends, anyway. "Checkitout" are other blogs that I check daily and usually don't have anything to do with crafting or domesticity. "Followers" are people who have subscribed to my blog (feel free to do so, as it helps my self-esteem). "Cacoethes Creondi" is a Latin phrase a halfway made up and is supposed to mean "the insatiable urge to create. I don't know if "creondi" is a real latin word, but can't you just pull that stuff out of your butt and it's normally about right? Anyway, that section is the project I am currently working on. It's usually what I will blog about next. Lastly, "Bedside" is what I'm reading at the moment.

I've got a few projects in process, and I added a few more to my Handmade Holiday list, including a duvet cover for our bed and curtains for our living room sliding door. So they're not really Holiday-ish at all, but I'd like to get them done. Living in a white house is so obnoxious when you can't paint the walls.

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erin w. said...

yes, we had white walls in texas that it drove me crazy. when we moved here i think i fell in love with this house mainly on the fact that there weren't white walls. can't wait to see the creations.