Sunday, November 2, 2008

Graduation Announcements

I have one done. Forty-nine to go! Which is really not bad, after making 250 STD's (that's Save the Dates) and wedding invitations. At first I started out with gold cardstock and it was way too trashy glam. It looked homemade, and that is exactly what something homemade should not look like, IMHO. Yeah, I just busted out an internet acronym. Take it.

Here's Molly checking my handiwork out. Apparently it's only decent because after sticking her head inside she swung her neck, and thus the card went across the room. Then she went and laid on it. Good thing it's the prototype. I'd feel bad for the person who got the catjuice card (probably would be me).
Anyway, I think they turned out pretty swell. USF colors in the green ribbon and gold stamp embellishment. The inside will have the party invitation and a picture of my beloved sister. I'll update on that when I actually do it.

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Sae said...

OMG, I love making STD's!!!!