Sunday, November 16, 2008

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeasy Doggie Cush

I'm meeting my Dad halfway to FL this coming week to pick up the pup. SO excited. I love her. She's the best dog ever. With such a great dog and such a red couch, she definitely needs her own special cushy spot for lounging purposes.

So here it is, complete with my foot (which actually helps you see what a perfect size it is). This side is furry softness with cute green bows. I decided Spencer's favorite color is green.

Nothing says "I'm a sophisticated and feminine Golden Retriever" like green satin.

All this is are two pieces of fabric sewn right sides together, leaving a hole in one side. After sewing, flip inside out, stuff, then slipstitch to finish! Half an hour, tops.

And the underside is dark wash, because Stacy and Clinton would be appalled with any other kind of denim.

It's so comfy and I have enough fabric left over, that I might be making one for myself with some glittery red rick-rack. Because nothing says "I'm a crafty cool florist/housewife" like sparkly red rick-rack. Nothing.

If that happens, it'll be here. Next on the list is a cute tree stump lounge pillow perfect for Thanksgiving football, xbox 360, or Family Guy. Or really any event in your living room, those are just the ones it will probably be used for in our house.


An Army Family said...

WOW I just mixed up your brother's and your dog's name.

I'm sorry.

To both of them.

Haha, oops.

An Army Family said...


Okay, I'm done. But seriously, I don't know what halfway is, but we're 7 hours from Wake Forest and we don't have Landon, so if you need somewhere to stay (and Shelby can, too), you're more than welcome to crash here and visit a bit.

I'm a bit mad that I spent 20 dollars on Cobalt's bed, because it looks almost exactly the same. Minus the awesome bows, of course. :)

An Army Family said...

I was coming to answer ... but it looks like you figured it out. :) I added that site to my favorites, they have so many cute backgrounds.

Out of curiosity/for future reference, where in SC? Maybe if Tom and James are ever gone at the same time we could find something vacation-y to do in SC so that neither of us has to drive too far by ourselves.