Thursday, October 2, 2008

Like New Dining Room!

Oh, I can breathe! Isn't it wonderful what a few yards of robin's egg blue can do? I still haven't gotten that puzzle framed, though. It will eventually be transferred off the table onto the wall. It's a Matisse. The lovely, cheerful flowers are courtesy of my wonderful husband, just because. We also turned the table diagonally and it created more walking room and, I think, makes the room look a little bigger.

Here are close-ups of the chairs:
At the head of foot of the table I put a light blue fabric with darker blue Fleur-type swirlies. (I'm so descriptive, I know!)

And on the sides is a solid of the same color, but with a woven texture to it. Keepin' it simple and classy, Virginia Beach.
OK, now to find a place to put all the stuff I took out of the dining room!


An Army Family said...

Oooooh I love the print!! It looks great!

MOM said...

They are soooo beautiful!!! You are such a crafty gal!
Love ya! M

stella g. said...

looks great, girl! well done. i have to do those to mine, too...