Thursday, October 30, 2008

In Which I Present a Dress I do not Like

So here it is, the dress I've been working on a bit at a time for the past month or so. It's not that it's a complicated dress to make, it's just that once I saw it coming together I decided I didn't really like it. It's hard to finish something you don't like. I love the floral tablecloth part, and I think if I'd had enough to make the entire dress out of it, I would be having a total moocowspazzarama in my delight.

It has a nice full skirt, which I love, and I'm so proud of my little cloth covered buttons! They're cute, and so worth it, "it" being the 3 minutes of work they required. I'm also loving how this picture makes my waist look Scarlet O'Hara thin.

Here's the mechanics of it. I think if I'd put white underneath the print it would have looked better, or even green. The pink is too much for me, perhaps.
But it's a pretty cute dress, all things considered! I'm giving myself away, but the measurements on it are:
Bust 36"
Waist 27"
Hips 39"
Back length from base of neck 43 1/2"

I completed it with intentions of selling it on etsy, but then Molly got to it and now there is a decent sized pull in the back skirt I can't fix. Poopy kitty...
So what to do now?


Sae said...

Aww, Liz! It's so pretty! I understand what you mean about doing the white or green instead of pink, though. The skirt part is so awesome. You can still sell it on etsy, you just show that it has a pull. Someone might want it still. I donno. Anyway--lovely work dear! I want to be crafty like you. :]

Sae said...

P.S. Nice measurements ;]

Lizzie Brown said...

you know, i just thought i could wear it for halloween and be a sexy housewife like off of a bad sitcom. i'll wear some camel pumps and flip my hair out. voila!

Megan said...

ow ow, hot mama!