Sunday, October 12, 2008

Coming soon

A one piece dress! Okay, so most dresses are "one piece", but this one is different. It looks like a smock, with a hole for your head and the front and back sewn together are the shoulders. You wrap the front piece around your waist and button it in back and you wrap the back piece around to the front. See the presh little buttons? I think I might even try to cover the buttons with matching fabric to make it extra kyut. That is, unless I find some already-made extra kyut buttons. I'm not afraid of working smarter.

I have two fabrics at the ready. One is a large flower print on a white background and the other is a solid coral. I can't decide which to use for the front and back of the dress. Any suggestions?

Yay for a day off tomorrow!


stella g. said...

um, cute. as in super stinkin' cute. could it really be that easy? and i say, cover the buttons. personal preference.

as for the fabrics... i'd have to see them. i wouldn't want to steer you wrong. maybe at ocf next next week?

An Army Family said...

Oh fun!!! I should pay you to make our family a collection of similar stockings (assuming you'd be interested, ha). You're pretty good at this stuff.

Hey, I think I'm going to take baking classes at Michael's next month. You should totally drive down here every Sunday and take them with me. :)

An Army Family said...

Eeek, really?!?! Yeah I totally meant Christmas stockings - me, James, and the dog have ones but they were just cheapy and Landon and the cat don't have ones (don't laugh at me). Can I look around and maybe we'll talk about it this week? I understand if you don't end up doing it, esp with the new job.

I'm not sure exactly what classes. One other store has a few different ones - a candy making one, a cheesecake one a "decorative cookies" one. Then Michael's usually has just a beginner's cake making class from Wilton, which is 4 Sunday afternoons. Michael's doesn't have their Nov schedule out yet so I need to call.

An Army Family said...

LIZ KUESPERT (sad I can't exclaim that anymore, it had a certain ring to it) .... LIZ BROWN, I JUST FOUND A NATIVITY TOILE PRINT FABRIC!!!! DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE TOILE??!?!?