Monday, September 29, 2008

The Week's Events

Guess who just got a job as a florist! I'm so excited about it. If you know me fairly well, you know that this is like a fun-sized dream come true. I've wanted to own my own flower shop for years, and now I get to work in one and learn the trade from the bottom up! OK, so it doesn't seem like a very lofty aspiration, but I've always been a strong believer in doing what you love- and I swoon for flowers.

Also, I got to sew these onto T's uniforms this weekend!
Somehow pride doesn't even begin to cover how I feel about his accomplishment. He's fantastic. I lerrrv him.
PS- Resisting the urge to use pink thread instead of navy was very hard.


An Army Family said...

You're a better wife than I am. I don't sew. :) James' work uniforms are also velcro tabs, only his dress uniform needs to have them sewed on, and he wears that like, 4 times a year, so that's how I justify it ...

PS CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am soooo jealous.

stella g. said...

haha! i would have loved to see the pink thread. and congrats on the job! i'm so absolutely thrilled for you!!!!! that just sounds perfect. the flowers, the hours, the everything. :) missed you guys tonight.