Monday, September 22, 2008

Snickerdoodles: The Candy of the Cookie World

"Petootie pie, petootie pie,
You're my petootie, sugar fruity, dreamy pie.
I crave and cram your special jam,
You underrated, solidated superman.
And every gal who passes just looks and hollers 'Ooo!'.
Like flies caught in molasses, they all get stuck on you.
Petootie pie, petootie pie,
You're such a tasty hunk of pastry, me-oh-my.
Gonna light the oven,
Gonna cook a dish of lovin',
So kiss me, oh my, petootie pie."

So tasty. I got the recipe from T's little sister.


Sae said...

Holy crap your blog is so freakishly craftaliscious and awesommmme!

That apron is ADORABLE. I miss you. :[

Megan said...

Making aprons, baking are so effing domestic. Good thing you mix it up with vampire and zombie'll be a hip mom.

An Army Family said...

Your new layout is fab.

An Army Family said...

Oh, they were just being dummies. We got the advance for actual travel pay weeks ago, before James had even left Korea. This is for our U-Haul and stuff, it's not an allowance it's actual pay so it's dumb and complicated. I have no problem giving them my checking account statement and saying "SEE!!" if they give us a hard time when he turns in the vouchers. Which of course, they haven't scheduled his appointment to do yet. Blah.

I miss you a little.