Thursday, September 18, 2008

Proof that Giving Handmade is the Best Kind of Giving

Ok, so not to freak anybody out but I am wicked excited about this post. I just got a wedding present from one of my grammar and high school biffles- and it is amazing. Maybe I'm being overly dramatic; I don't care. I have always believed that the best gifts are handmade or at least assembled creatively and, holy dazzling diamonds Batman!, is this ever proof:

From what I can tell it's an acyrlic on canvas. My friend sent one of T's and my engagement pictures to a man she had met in Shenzhen, China who lives in a village of thousands of painters. (PS- a village of painters? So choice!)

Enough of my spazzing- here is a closeup.

Yeah, I thought it was a photo, too. To top it all off the card (also handmade) she attached reads, "Hallmark is overrated :)"


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