Friday, September 26, 2008

If you want to be surprised, Mum, don't read this post!

You said you didn't want me to send you a picture or tell you what it is so move along, Mother.

Psst... here is what I made for her birthday, which was last Wednesday but better late than never, right? So, there; lovingly displayed on my messy dining room table. The straps look like squid tentacles laid out like this. I need to iron them.

If it looks familiar you're just so smart. It's the same pattern as the apron I last made. I decided to opt out of the rick rack this time, since it's to be worn by my mother and not a child, for an -dare I say- "age appropriate" look. Don't you love the silhouette?

My mum likes very colorful and cheerful things (their house is painted like a Georgia O'Keeffe flower). I was drawn straight to these fabrics; they were right next to each other as if to say, "Make something wonderfully green and happy with us!" So I did. Now my mum will look so darling creating all her scrumptious culinary confections.

Cute little faceted buttons! Also, the dirty chairs I need to recover. I'll have to make another trip back here for some supplies for that (quickly becoming the sharpest pain with every look at those dirty ivory seats); it's the best stocked fabric store I've ever seen. A fabric store that actually has wall-to-wall bolts: designer, organic, synthetic, upholstery, Amy Butler, Laura Ashley, etc. The staff was generally friendly, too, except for one lady. Of course she was the one who had to cut my fabric. When I tried to be nice and compliment on their selection all she said was "I'm not surprised." Excuuuse me! I will be sure to be serviced by the delightfully portly lady next time.

Happy Birthday, Mom!


An Army Family said...

I love your button choices, always. Buttons are my favorite new trend in scrapbooking, I always get them, they're so fun.

stella g. said...

you know, i was just thinking about that fabric store yesterday and wondering what you said the name of it was. thanks for the tip!

the apron looks lovely, tentacles and all. she'll look lovely and, oh so domestic in it.

and my keen eyes are wondering if the fabric for your mom's apron is the same pattern as your banner. hmm.

ps: the dr's appt didn't happen. thanks for praying anyways. it'll be rescheduled for next month. later!

Megan said...

thuper duper cute